Frequency Inverters


For controlling high-frequency motors

Whether spindles or motor components: Our frequency inverters let you control and regulate your SycoTec high-frequency drive reliably and efficiently, both offline and online. Our inverters impress with their intelligent structure, convincing power features and convenient configuration via the accompanying operating software.

The spectrum ranges from extremely compact low-voltage to robust high-voltage inverters for your synchronous and asynchronous motors. Numerous interfaces also enable seamless integration into existing machine concepts.

Cool, the little one

Less is more. That applies to our highfrequency inverter e@syDrive® 4320 two and three times over: The little one impresses with its compact single board construction, extreme space-saving dimensions and very low temperature increase. However, the 4320 delivers big on power: Because the highfrequency inverter enables the sensorless operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors at a speed of up to 120,000 rpm and an output power of around 600 VA.

SycoTec’s frequency inverters at a glance

Diverse designs
  • Extra-low voltage, low-voltage, high-voltage inverters
  • From open body to worktop unit

Impressive performance data

  • Rated power output: 300 VA–3,800 VA
  • Output frequency: 30 Hz–8,000 Hz

Numerous interfaces

  • Digital/analogue
  • Relay/frequency/impulse output
  • STO
  • USB/RS-232
  • CANopen (optional)

Convenient operation
  • User-friendly operating software
  • Clear user interface
  • Offline/online

Matching accessories

  • Remote control
  • Transformers
  • Power supply modules

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