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Gain power with SycoTec

SycoTec’s motor components can also be used in generators and many of our customers employ them in micro gas turbines or innovative systems for energy recovery and generating electricity from waste heat (Organic Rankine Cycle). The components have a bespoke design and boast an efficiency of virtually 99% across the board. You can see a few examples of turbo generator applications here.

Power generation with the Organic Rankine Cycle

The ORC process is a thermal cyclical process that uses thermal energy to generate electricity, thereby increasing the efficiency of, for example, combustion engines or gas turbines. Motor components from SycoTec are installed in numerous ORC models for turbo generators. As they can be flexibly tailored to the specifications of various applications, their range of use is practically unlimited, as the following example applications show.

Energy recovery in the low power range

A small, compact turbo generator also makes it possible to utilise small amounts of residual energy particularly efficiently. What for years used only to be possible in high power ranges can now also be successfully achieved in the power range from
1 to 120 kW. The turbo generator makes do without a gearbox between the turbine and generator: Its rotor sits directly on the shaft with the impeller and is driven by it.
The increased use of small turbo generators in CHP plants (combined heat and power) is intended to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions and achieve energy efficiency targets.

Thermal power system based on lowtemperature heat

Waste heat in the temperature range from 70 to 120°C can be easily and efficiently converted into clean power by a suitable thermal power system. This involves feeding low-temperature heat from geothermal or industrial sources of waste heat to the system and operating the generator by evaporating a liquid with a low boiling temperature. Because the system works at lower pressure than conventional thermal power solutions, the components could be given a compact design, thereby saving money.


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