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The possibilities of advertising technology are almost unlimited, which is due not only to the proverbial creativity of the industry but also to the technical processes available to it. Milling, FlowCut®, foil cutting and many other techniques to do with cutting and plotting inspire the imagination to ever greater heights. With our drives, we are happy to contribute to even the most unusual ideas taking shape.

High-performance drive with internal cooling

The high-frequency motor spindle 4064 DC-HSK25 is not only one of our largest spindles, but with up to 3,800 W also one of our most powerful. Even hard and tough materials such as glass, stainless steel or hard foam can be machined extremely precisely with it. And because it quickly gets hot at such high power and speeds, we have given the innovative high-performance drive an internal cooling system. This means that the compact 4064 DC-HSK25 can be used for even longer.

Successful industrial partnership

As a development partner to one of the market-leading companies for digital cutter systems, we support the high performance of the products offered with our expertise in spindle construction as well as in the design of the corresponding motor components and functional electronics. The quality and reliability of our solutions ensure not only the necessary precision and robustness of the applications: High levels of delivery reliability and reliable service also make a decisive contribution to our mutual success.

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