Maintenance- & Cleaning-Devices


For clean and reliable preparation

SycoTec’s care and cleaning devices are optimised to significantly extend the service life of high-quality dental instruments through thorough and yet careful preparation. The SycoMaint enables particular quick instrument care, while the SycoMaint smart impresses with its uniquely compact dimensions.

Cares, cleans and saves space

38 x 28 x 34.5 cm: The SycoMaint smart is one of the care and cleaning devices with the most compact dimensions on the market, saving valuable space in every preparation room. Even accessories such as a USB stick and test adapter can be handily stored right inside the device under the cover to save space.

SycoTec’s care devices and cleaning devices at a glance

Efficient and thorough preparation

  • Up to 3 instruments in one
  • Optimal distribution of the care products
  • Exact and thrifty dosage

High flexibility

  • Various cleaning and care programmes
  • Special collet care system
  • Turbine adapter separately available

User-friendly design

  • Simple use and operation

Compact dimensions

  • Small footprint
  • Fits every workspace

Optimal hygiene and safety

  • No care product residues in the device
  • Cleaning quality remains automatically high

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