SycoMaint smart


SycoMaint smart

Compact and efficient

The SycoMaint smart looks after the thorough internal cleaning and care of dental handpieces, contra-angle pieces and turbines. In the standard programme, the automatic cleaning and care process takes only about
3 minute per instrument. So the device works particularly efficiently, even in the smallest of spaces: The SycoMaint smart is one of the most compact cleaning and care devices on the market and has established itself as a space-saving solution in the field of modern dental medicine.

Time-saving technology
  • Enables the internal cleaning and care of up to 3 instruments in approx.
    3 minutes each

Thorough care

  • Standardised procedure for permanently high quality
  • Optimal distribution of cleaner and oil through rotating instruments
  • Compressed air connection for the blowing out of cleaning product and oil residues at set intervals
  • Refillable cleaning and care oil container (colour markings)
  • Absorption nonwoven for excess cleaning and care product

High flexibility and versatility

  • Four cleaning and care programmes
  • Integrated collet care system/li>
  • Available with one, two or three fixed motorised hand-piece adapters
  • Turbine adapter separately available

Compact design

  • One of the smallest devices of its kind
  • Integrated accessory storage

Simple use and process documentation

  • Intuitive operation via touch panel with display
  • No overdosing of care oil
  • Automatic recording of all cleaning and care procedures
  • Transferable to PC by means of the supplied USB stick

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