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The ideal drive for any task – with this motto in mind, SycoTec produces a wide range of motor components. Our high-performance drives can be executed as asynchronous motors, synchronous motors and as turbo generators (high-speed generators), with all key parameters being flexibly tailored to your requirements. And in an extremely wide range from 5W to 600 kW and from 3 Ncm to 500 Nm.

In addition to creating customised configurations, we place immense value on optimising our processes. This is why we manufacture your components using the most suitable materials and the most cost-effective production methods. We look forward to working on your project.

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Von klein und leicht bis groß und stark: Wie immer Ihr Motor ausgelegt ist, von SycoTec erhalten Sie die passenden Komponenten in hochwertiger, präziser und zuverlässiger Qualität. Kundenspezifische Lösungen sind unser Element – egal ob Sie Dentalmotoren mit 10 mm Durchmesser bauen oder einen Turbogenerator mit 400 mm Durchmesser und einer Leistung von 600 kW.From small and light to big and strong: However your motor is designed, SycoTec gives you the matching components in highclass, precise and reliable quality. Customerspecific solutions are our element - whether you’re building dental motors with a diameter of 10 mm or a turbo generator with a diameter of 400 mm and an output of 600 kW.

SycoTec’s motor components at a glance

Wide range of variants
  • Size: 10 mm–400 mm
  • Rotors: Al die-cast, Cu stuck, Cu die-cast
  • With an NdFeB or SmCo permanent magnet
  • Various types of armouring (steel, CFRP etc.)

Wide output range

  • 5 W–300 kW asynchronous, 5 W–600 kW PMSM/BLDC
  • Speed: up to 400,000 rpm (asynchronous and PMSM/BLDC)


  • Designs adapted to your specific requirements
  • Delivery of both complete drives and additional components, such as sleeves and shafts

High level of efficiency

  • Cost-effective choice of materials
  • Efficient production processes


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