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DC components for electric motors
At SycoTec, we manufacture components for synchronous motors for use with brushless technology (PMSM/BLDC). PMSM/BLDC motors have various advantages over conventional brushed DC motors, notably higher speeds and a longer service life. Brushless synchronous motors can be made more compact and more efficient than asynchronous motors, which is why the proportion of PMSM/BLDC motors among electric motors is on the rise.

The compact size of synchronous motors is made possible thanks to the use of permanent magnets that are able to supply the rotor with sufficient internal energy. We use various magnetic and sheet metal materials in our synchronous motor components. As is the case with our asynchronous motor components, we provide various levels of service and produce synchronous motor components of various designs and featuring different casting materials. Our portfolio ranges from simple stator/rotor combinations and the integration of sleeves and shafts provided by you to complete drives featuring accessories produced by us in house.

You can find more information on the individual components here:

We also offer a broad array of suitable frequency inverters so that you can control and adjust your motors. You can see the corresponding products here:
Frequency Inverters


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