Versatile and robust
SycoTec’s stators are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are available in both asynchronous and synchronous varieties and can be produced in various designs and with different coatings depending on your requirements. In our standard range, their outer diameters are between 10 and 400 mm in size and they are able to support voltages spanning 6 to 460 V.

The wide array of options available means that each of our stators can be precisely tailored to the installation conditions, operating mode, power density and industrial safety requirements. Let’s take casting technology as an example. In order to ensure that the stator winding is optimally cooled and fixed, we offer resin casting of various types and in a range of specifications, including versions with and without sleeves and with special resins such as sterile resin or resin certified for use in the aviation industry.

We generally supply our stators with the matching rotor and are happy to add further motor components on request. You can find more information here:
Asynchronous Motor
Synchronous Motor
Turbo Generators

Slotted design (AC/DC)

Slotted lamination with winding inside the slot

  • + Very robust design
  • + High thermal resistance
  • + Higher tightening torque
  • – Cogging torque

Air gap winding (PMSM/BLDC)

Non-slotted stator with circular inner winding

  • + No cogging torque
  • + Smooth operation
  • + Less vibration
  • + Higher power density


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