Renewable Energies


The world is changing. And SycoTec is lending its support. Think, for example, of the generation of renewable energies with their claim to greater efficiency in the overall system. Our motor components manage to significantly reduce total losses while maintaining outstanding efficiency. They achieve the best cost-benefit ratio on the market and are already a decisive element in generators for energy recovery or power generation through waste heat in the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

Motor components from 5 to 600 kW

Methods of energy recovery enable previously unused losses and industrial waste to be converted profitably and efficiently into electricity. The motor components of the corresponding generators often come from us. For example, SycoTec stators and rotors from 5 to 175 kW are used for heat recovery in large combustion engines or for power generation from industrial waste heat. For energy recovery in biogas plants or gas decompression in pipelines, on the other hand, even more powerful components of up to 600 kW are frequently used.

Up to 99% efficiency

With the motor components for a 600 kW generator, we have made our technology fit for demanding applications in test benches, ORC systems or turbo blowers with high power density and high speeds. Stators and rotors were completely developed and manufactured in-house, from the winding to the special reinforcements. We are also especially proud of the excellent efficiency rating of 99%, which delivers a sharp reduction in total losses and achieves an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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