Smooth and safe
As standard, SycoTec’s rotors have speeds of up to 400,000 rpm. They are available as AC models of various designs made from materials ranging from die-cast aluminium to die-cast copper or as DC models with magnets. All designs boast a high degree of mechanical strength, which ensures extremely quiet operation and maximum safety – even at high speeds. This makes them ideal for use in successful high-performance drive solutions.

To enable higher rotational and peripheral speeds, our rotors can be produced with various types of armouring made from brass, steel, GFRP, CFRP or PEEK. If required, we can produce additional components such as sleeves or shafts for you.

We generally supply our rotors with the matching stator and are happy to add further motor components on request. You can find more information here:
Asynchronous Motor
Synchronous Motor
Turbo Generators

Example: motor spindle

Machine tool engineering

  • DC motor (PMSM/BLDC/IPM)
  • 4-pole design
  • NdFeB permanent magnet
  • 50,000 rpm
  • 5 kW

Example: mirror wheel drive

BLDCOptical measuring

  • DC motor (PMSM/BLDC/IPM)
  • 2-pole design
  • NdFeB permanent magnet
  • 100,000 rpm
  • 1.5 kW


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