PCB Processing


Everything depends on electronics nowadays. Starting with the morning coffee from the fully automatic machine, continuing via smartphone and PC and the internet-capable TV, and much more besides. So it's no wonder that the machining of printed circuit boards is accorded such very special significance as a key technology around the world. Which makes it even less of a surprise that we’re continuing to optimise our spindle programme in this direction at SycoTec.

Spindles with ESD

The machining of circuit boards is one of the critical tasks in industrial manufacturing. In order to enable particularly safe milling and cutting of the sensitive components, we have developed the high-frequency spindle 4041 HY-ESD-BW, a tool that optimally meets the complex requirements. The high rotation speed guarantees maximum precision, while the electrical discharge reliably protects against dangerous voltage peaks. In addition to the application, e.g. in PCB routers, nothing stands in the way of processing safety-relevant circuit boards.

Perfect production protection

Whether airbag or ABS: Control electronics are becoming increasingly important in modern automotive engineering. During production, however, electrostatic potential differences can occur which damage the highly sensitive components and must therefore be discharged in a controlled manner. In a joint development project with one of the world’s major automotive suppliers, we have therefore developed an ESD spindle system that reliably prevents damage to printed circuit boards and can be integrated into all production lines with little effort.

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