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Modern dental and medical technology processes demand a lot from the drives used. Ultimately, it's about working not only with absolute precision but also efficiently and with an awareness of cost. Optimal conditions for spindles, micromotors and other dental drives from SycoTec. Not only do they allow numerous dental applications and instruments to run quickly, safely and reliably, but as powerful high-frequency drives in CAD/CAM systems they also play a decisive role in the creation of perfect dental prostheses made from various materials such as plastic, ceramic or metal.

Lots of power in a small space

The high-frequency motor spindle 4033 AC-LN15 was specifically designed for milling and drilling work in dental applications, printed circuit boards and rapid prototyping. It impresses not only in dry and wet areas but also where things get really tight: Its longer shaft expands the machining volume into the smallest of spaces. At the same time, the use of shorter tools allows faster machining with no loss of precision.

Efficient and economical

Our company’s competence is also reflected in the development of new, customer-specific applications: For the grinding/milling machine of one of the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturers, it was important to keep an eye not only on the highly efficient motor design and robust construction of the milling spindle but also on the solution’s overall costeffectiveness. In this respect, our customers benefit from our many years of experience because it allows us to offer a high level of quality at a very good price-performance ratio.

Extensive product range

Motor spindles for dental CAD/CAM applications have always played an important role in our programme. In order to further expand our position in this segment, we are continuously improving and expanding our range of CAD/CAM-capable spindles. For example, we developed the motor spindles 4020 DC and 4064 DC-HSK25 in close collaboration with our customers. Two powerful SycoTec drives are thus also available for demanding chairside machines or laboratory equipment with high throughput.

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