Asynchronous Motors


AC components for electric motors
SycoTec’s AC motor components can be used to produce robust, low-maintenance and durable high-frequency drives for your asynchronous motors or generators. The components are designed and integrated in accordance with your specific requirements. We offer various levels of service – from the production of precisely coordinated stators and rotors in various designs and the integration of components with sleeves and shafts provided by you to the manufacture of complete motors including cooling jackets, housing, sleeves and shafts from our component production line.

Besides using the trickling technique for our stators, we apply a range of casting technology to optimise mechanical fixing and thermal discharge. On request, rotors can be equipped with special armouring or produced in energy-efficient, copper-plated designs or other special designs. You can find more information on the individual components here:

We also offer a broad array of suitable frequency inverters so that your asynchronous motors can have a variable speed. You can find details on the control electronics and corresponding products here:
Frequency Inverters


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