Flatter, more efficient, more sustainable: In order to keep our production up-to-date and highly efficient for you, we invest continuously in machines and production processes. Our claim is to be able to guarantee you reliably reproducible precision and quality, now and in the future. And all this at the best possible cost for every task and application, no matter how complex.

Latest production technology

With over 60 modern manufacturing and machining systems, our machinery ensures excellent results at the cutting edge of technology. The spectrum ranges from highquality CNC sliding headstock lathes for the production of rotor shafts with deep hole drilling, axes or dental clamping systems, to short turning lathes, taper grinding machines, welding systems and high-tech applications such as our laser cutting system, to balancing machines with which residual imbalances of less than one milligram can be achieved.

Innovative technologies

For even higher-quality products and more efficient production processes, SycoTec uses various special systems that are also developed in-house. Examples include our vacuum casting system for stators with optimum quality and service life, a pneumatic clamping cone measuring system that permits the high-precision internal cylindrical grinding of rotor cones, or self-developed winding machines, e.g. for faster and more efficient manufacture of air gap windings, in which 7 out of 10 manual work steps are omitted and additional material savings of up to 10% result in lower production costs.

Optimal production processes

Even though today’s machines perform a large number of tasks in production, people remain an important factor for efficient manufacturing processes. For this reason, we work continuously to improve our processes and structures, for example from the aspects of lean production and shop floor management. Short distances and a clear layout make it possible for our employees to work even more efficiently. In the same way, the continuous evaluation of key figures helps to further optimise our processes and delivery times.

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