Industrial drive technology

What it’s all about: In the area of industrial applications, we implement a wide range of bespoke high-performance drives for you - from high-frequency spindles to individual motor components and matching frequency inverters to turbo generators and specialpurpose motors. Our company is not only one of the biggest providers of high-speed drives in the world. It is also a competent engineering partner to industry for customer-specific solutions.


SycoTec’s motors and motor components are tailored precisely to your individual requirements. Diameter, speed, power, torque: All critical parameters can be flexibly adapted to your needs. And best of all: However your motor is designed, as a system provider we supply you with the matching control electronics right away on request.

Frequency Inverters

Frequency Inverters

Frequency Inverters


Machine tool engineering

Dental and medical technology


Renewable energies

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Progress needs drive. That’s why we support our customers with innovative drive solutions from engineering to production. In addition to high-frequency spindles, we develop and execute individual motor components and customised complete drives for you, precisely to your needs. Starting with the selection of the right motor technology via the constructive layout to implementation in our production facility down to the micrometer.