As an engineering partner to industry, we develop and manufacture motor components as well as bespoke complete drives according to customer-specific requirements. The choice of motor technology and the design coordination of the drive are carried out in close collaboration from idea to implementation using state-of-the-art production technologies. Our stated aim is to supply you with the optimum product from a single source. As a system supplier for innovative drive solutions, precisely to your individual requirements

Efficient project flow

Higher speeds, smaller designs, special areas of use: If your applications require individual engineering, a development partnership with SycoTec is certain to lead you to your goal. In clearly defined steps, we work with you to develop your optimum drive solution. Based on the specification and design, we create a prototype which we develop further to series maturity in a multi-stage validation process and then manufacture for you.

State-of-the-art motor calculation

Before a new drive becomes available fully finished for the first time, it is assembled, tested, revised and improved dozens of times in a virtual environment. In order to create and calculate models that are as accurate as possible, we use FEMAG-ME, one of the most modern programs available for motor calculation. The electrical design can be used as the basis for quickly and easily deriving mechanical parameters such as centrifugal forces, elongation or joint pressure. All in all, the software allows an even more precise layout of drives - for greatly reduced development times and costs.

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