SycoVac mono plus

Anwendungen Bohren, Fräsen, Schleifen, Gravieren
Branchen Sondermaschinenbau
Drehzahlbereich 3.000 – 50.000 min-1
Leistung max. 2.000 W


SycoVac mono plus

The plus for health and economy

The SycoVac mono plus is fitted as standard with a micro filter that absorbs up to 99.995% of the particulate matter and additionally offers automatic power adjustment with automatic switch-on and switch-off. A patented sensor measures the volumetric flow rate. If the suction power drops, it automatically activates the next suction stage or stops the system when the filter is full. The suction power is thus always in the optimal range. A plus for health, not least with an additional economic benefit: Because energy consumption drops and fewer filter bags are needed.

Optimal health protection
  • Integrated micro filter for trapping up to 99.995% of the dust
  • Automatic suction power adjustment
  • Active carbon filter absorbs vapours
  • Low noise level

Modern, energy-saving technology

  • Less power consumption through automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • Dust approval to GS-ITA-M20

Intuitive operation

  • Via ergonomic keypad

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